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A web series where naive and rebellious teens
grow up, get down, and come out in the '90s grunge-era

Music from Episode 4.2: “Sarah Live! at Comet Ping Pong Tonight”

1. Brent Katz – “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden (Season 3 Theme Song)”
Another one from Brent Katz (an OJBG fav!). Brent Katz was the drummer of NYC band “The Harlem Shakes” (WWW.HARLEMSHAKES.COM) and afterwards formed “Thunder And Lightning”. Check them out here: THUNDERANDLIGHTNING.BANDCAMP.COM!

2. Licorice Roots – “September in the Night”
Listen to their music here (MYSPACE.COM/LICORICEROOTS) and check out their website here: LICORICEROOTS.NET!

3. Beach Week (formerly Bake Sale, formerly Las Hermanas) – “Hide & Go Seek”
This song is by new OJBG friend band, Beach Week. Expect to hear a lot of them in Season 4… they’ll even be making a cameo in a future episode.

4. Ellen Winter – “Comfortable”
THIS TRACK IS BY OUR LOVELY CAST MEMBER ELLEN (ALSO KNOWN AS SARAH ROBERTS!!!) It’s so beautiful!! Ellen/Sarah is so lovely and is a true muse and here is the proof of multi-talented nature. Check her out here: FACEBOOK.COM/ELLENWINTERMUSIC!

5. Performed by Ellen Winter & Cast, originally by Ellen Reid & Sara Curtin – “Midnight Joyride (Concentrated)”
The OJBG cast singing to season 1’s theme song!
Sara is a member of the band The Sweater Set. Their album “Surprise Visit” is on sale now, for more information go to WWW.THESWEATERSET.COM. To hear more of Ellen’s music check out her soundtrack for the “LOVE, STARGIRL” TRAILER on YouTube.