Web Series Review: AIRLOCK

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Sector 9 has been compromised. After a long drawn out war against the Grayskins, the powers that be decided that the best way to contain these dangerous shape shifting aliens is to quarantine the entire system, trapping many an innocent human while safeguarding the rest of the galaxy. Outposts have been set up to ensure that all ships attempting to leave are stopped or, if worst comes to worst, terminated.

The Captain of a remote outpost is forced to make a difficult decision when a seemingly empty ship floats toward the space station. After finding a dead crew and signs of a struggle, the hesitant boarding party discover refugees from Sector 9, any of them might be a deadly Grayskin in disguise. A command from on high tells him to abandon the hostages, women and children included, to the emptiness of space. Can he trust the refugees? They may very well be dangerous. Could he just abandon them to death? There are innocents aboard.


“Cool trailer, friend, but what makes this show worth my time?”

You want more? Fine, here’s a nifty breakdown:

Acting: All of the characters are well cast, and the actors really sell the sense of building doom.
Plot: With a complex plot and such a fleshed out world, it is hard not to get sucked in.
Production Value: The only thing that needs some help would be the sound mixing. Occasionally the cool sound effects get in the way of the dialogue. But with a seemingly endless budget for special effects and someone who knew what they were doing behind the camera, AIRLOCK is still one of the best shows I’ve seen online.

This high intensity web series has all the makings of one of the very best sci-fi franchises. Watch the first episode of AIRLOCK here.

What? You’re not hooked yet? Look people, this is probably going to be the best sci-fi show you will have the pleasure of watching anywhere. Sometimes it’s easy to assume web series are of lesser quality than network or cable TV just because they are online. Codswallop! We only think that because we don’t take the time to actually watch shows like AIRLOCK. And no, I am not over selling this show.

Seriously, AIRLOCK shall not disappoint.

…And yes the other episodes are worth it.

-C.J. Fite

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