November 17, 2014
by The OJBG Team

YA Readers, today’s your lucky day!

By Kathleen. Monday’s can be extra hard when it’s late fall/early winter, and the soggy fallen leaves stick to the bottom of your shoes as you trek through the dreary rainy day — but, fortunately, we have a gift to … Continue reading

March 5, 2013
by The OJBG Team

OJBG’s Upcoming Screenings Around the Country

We have great news to share! “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” will be screened and has been named an Official Selection of the 2013 LA Web Fest and the 2013 Hollyweb Web Series Festival. The web series was also shortlisted for … Continue reading

November 9, 2012
by Otessa

I’m giving away free episodes. And, yes, you can have one.

by Otessa Hey guys!! I am selling this awesome free ebook on Amazon’s Kindle. And the good news is… it is getting a bunch of downloads. (Yay!) But the thing is… no one is leaving reviews. (Sad face!) So, I … Continue reading