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Hey everyone, so I know its been kind of a while since we’ve updated this page so here’s some of our favorite tracks from season 2.

First off we have a new theme song by Brent Katz which is lighter and more upbeat. Katz is the drummer of New York band “The Harlem Shakes.”

Here’s their site:

Kevin MacLeod is another artist who we’ve really been digging. His stuff is a little funky but very cool. While his music is chill, it still has a lot of energy to it. You can find out more about him at

We first hear his music in the first episode of season two with the songs “Easy Jam” and “Tea Roots”. You can listen to all the music from that episode right here Macleod also shows up in the very next episode 2.2 with the song “Protofunk” and has “Umbrella Pants” in episode 2.10

One of the best songs we have in season two, “Comfortable, comes from a multi-talented artist who’s a member of our own cast. Ellen Winter, who plays Sarah Roberts, gives us this beautiful and lovely piece. Here’s a link to it:

Here it is!  I’ve received some awesome emails from viewers, who love the soundtrack and want to know more about the music that we feature. Here is info about the bands, the songs, and where you can find their music! Support fellow indie artists!                               

OJ loves independent artists of all kinds… and one of the things that sets OJBG apart is the music.  I really aimed to feature deep cuts, left of the dial, from both the 90′s and now.  I feel really strongly that the soundtrack should 100% sound like a well-loved mixtape  from one of your besties.

xoxo Otessa

EPISODE 1: the mix

(tracks listed in order of appearance in the episode)

–1– OJ theme song “Midnight Joyride (concentrated)” by Juicy Demise (Ellen Reid & Sara Curtin)

Ellen Reid and Sara Curtin are musicians and composers…what you would call rising, young talent.   (:  Ellen’s a complete genius– and so is her fellow songwriter & collaborator Sara Curtin.  Together, Ellen & Sara created “Midnight Joyride (concentrated)”.   Thus Juicy Demise was born… and so was our OJ theme song!

Sara Curtin is in a band called The Sweater Set. Their album “Surprise Visit” is on sale now, for more information go to

Check out Ellen Reid’s webpage: . To hear more of Ellen’s music for film…check out her fierce soundtrack for the “Love, Stargirl” trailer. (The book video trailer, for Jerry Spinelli’s “Love Stargirl”, is where I first got to work with Ellen.) Watch it here:

PS (To take a stroll down memory lane, in my very first email to Ellen, here is how I described my “dream track”… & the look and feel of the soon-to-be OJ theme song:
“It should reference “orange juice” or say the word “orange juice” at some point. (A little weird, I know-but OJ is a major diegetic metaphor/slang ref. of this teen world.) Songs like Beck’s “Sleeping Bag” or the band Orange Juice’s “Breakfast Time”. Weird and magical stuff.
Songs that are major inspirations to me on this series are anything off of Pavement’s album “Wowee Zowee”. And stuff with the lo-fi 90′s aesthetic (bands like black tambourine, strapping fieldhands, the licorice roots.).  If I had to describe how I hear it in my head…it’s like a summer anthem, (albeit a slightly unusual one)–its like THE song you play on your tape deck ALL summer when you’re 16. Summer-ey, catchy & upbeat, but also with kind of weirdly lethargic/slackery moments.”

I think Ellen and Sara hit it out of the park (:

–2– “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg
Reminds me of DC childhoods lolling on the lawn at Wolftrap. Such an epic classical score!  And I guess you can file it under “great music to buy or sell underage liquor to”

just look at this guy-- epic. seriously epic.


–3– “Polo” by Brent Katz,
Brent Katz is a terrific musician and a terrific friend! He composed this song especially for another film that I made in film school called, “Marco Polo”.  The song is so good though that we just had to use it in Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden too.  It really gives an aura of mystery & magic to that first entry in Bishop’s Garden.  Brent is super talented and also is the best person too, so I want to give him a shout out!  He was/is the drummer for the NYC band “The Harlem Shakes” (, who have a bunch of great albums and are on Gigantic records.
Also– keep an eye out for Brent’s very first solo album! It is called “Kangaroo Court” and will be coming out SOON SOON SOON!


–4– “Boo Hoo Hoo” by The Strapping Fieldhands,
a lo-fi fave of mine and a jewel in the crown of 90′s independent music.  Love that zany love-in-the-cotswolds feel. and the fuzz-rock feel is like an amazing long-loved & well-worn cardigan sweater. you just want to wrap yourself up in this song!

check out more at their website:

PS It cracks me up every time (at the end of Ep1, in that wood-paneled Volvo) when it becomes Beth VS. Rox+Adrian… and Boo Hoo Hoo is a great battleground.


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