July 17, 2017
by The OJBG Team

Motivation Monday

So, it’s only fair to blog about motivation for motivation Monday, right? I’m sure you’re probably at your job, struggling to stay awake, constantly looking at your clock, waiting for the magical hour to hit so you can GHOST out … Continue reading

So, I played Inside the game for the first time a couple weeks before the 2017 DC Web Fest. We were testing various games to see which ones would be a great fit for the festival. As a console gamer, the PC gaming was totally foreign to me. The navigation was just….weird. Sounds silly, I know, but after a series of failed attempts to even make the character move correctly, one of my colleagues kind of gave me a little tutorial and BOOM, it was on!

Inside was really fun, I honestly enjoyed it. The story is about some poor little lonely kid who’s being hunted. It’s kind of an adrenaline rush, which is exactly what I look for in a game (without it why even bother to play it??). As I played the game, I can’t even tell you how many times the poor kid got shot dead- gotta love the reincarnation theory implemented in games. Without giving too much of it away, the key of success is staying out of the light in many situations (when you play it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about) and knowing how to maneuver and navigate around danger. The game is in 2D, but there are various techniques you can use such as pushing and pulling objects, running, jumping, stooping (I think even crawling too), etc. You’ll definitely have to do some hiding, because when those murderers see you, your going to catch a cap. Just giving you a heads up.

I probably didn’t get beyond the first 5% of the game- after all- I was at work and had to move on to others tasks; however, I did enjoy the short bit of it I experienced. If you want deeper information about the game from a different perspective, you should check out the video below. Also, don’t forget- Inside is currently on sale at 40% for the Steam summer sale. Just an FYI :)

I’m out!


April 26, 2016
by The OJBG Team

Web Series Review: Night School

The world is peppered with smart and powerful people. Sometimes they make themselves known to the world through their big personalities and notable deeds; they tell the stories of their rise from poverty, winning the hearts of the masses. But as often as not the powerful sit discreetly in the background and quietly dictate the future; theirs is not a tale of rags to riches. The world has always been at their fingertips, and starting as early as grade school they learned how to flex the muscles of influence. Continue reading

April 20, 2016
by The OJBG Team

Web Series Review: The Tommy Edison Experience

It’s probably really hard being blind. There are just so many things for which one ordinarily uses their eyeballs: reading books, avoiding walls, playing Candycrush, watching web series, etc. We take being sighted individuals totally for granted, not even bothering to think about those less fortunate and when we do, it’s often out of pity. Tommy Edison doesn’t want your pity, in fact he would probably prefer a chuckle. Continue reading