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OJ loves independent artists of all kinds… & here are our favorite studio artists!  Definitely check them out!

Lis deTuerk Ghadar

For those not in “the know”, Lis deTuerk Ghadar is “The Wizard” of OJBG fame.  (Ever wondered what all those website, blog post, facebook, etc… inside jokes were?  Well, know you  know.)

Her nickname comes from her ability to do ANYTHING — SOLVE anything, BUILD anything, UNDERSTAND anything, and CREATE EVERYTHING.  You know the expression “to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”?  It was coined for and about Our Wonderful Wizard of OJBG.

She is not just the series Production Designer of “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”, she is also (series creator) Otessa Ghadar’s mother.  Otessa would like you to to know that she is still undergoing her Wizard’s Apprenticeship (needs to pass those OWLS), and has not reached full Wizarding status, a la her mother.

Lis is ALSO an incredible artist, who favors the mediums of oil painting, collages, pen-and-ink, and pencil.  Her work is evocative and moody — based in reality, and yet invoking something more– something uncertain, occasionally eerie, but always meaningul.  Imagine if De Chirico were to render interiors & domestic spaces of Mary Cassat… and you start to get an inkling of Lis’ magic.

All of the paintings featured in OJBG have been her work.  And all the collages and posters have been as well.

In addition to these myriad talents and forms, Lis is also a published illustrator, most noted for her work on “The Little White Ladybug”.

Rebecca Conroy

Rebecca Conroy is an artist born & based out of NYC,whose art is dream-like & evocative and will leave you breathless and inspired.  Her preferred mediums are collage and film– both of which she excels at immeasurably. She is also one of the key directors of our very own “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” teen web series.

You can find out more about her and her work here:

true+love by Rebecca Conroy

Still from Rebecca Conroy’s film “From the Woods”

Run for the Hills by Rebecca Conroy

Pass on the word and support our hippie-ish desire for an indie artist mutual support network…

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