Do We Know Know Our Rights?? (Part 1)



As creatives, we treat our creations like our babies. We put everything into them. We nourish them. We want to show them off to the whole world. We are proud of them (even if they’re not that great). Most of all, we want to PROTECT them. We want the whole world to know that our creations are OURS, and no one else’s. Did you know that your content (be it literary works, musical, visual, etc.) is automatically under copyright protection the moment it is created? The only criteria the work must meet in order to be protected is it must be perceptible, either directly or by a device. In layman’s terms, only actual works can be protected, not ideas. As the content creator/copyright holder, you SOLELY have the exclusive rights to the resale and distribution of your work! Check out this informative article written by DCWF friend Kim Tignor, who is the Director of Public Policy for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and phenomenal Author/Writer/Influencer, Jouelzy. Now, that you have a better understanding of your rights as a content creator, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK! We are gladly accepting submissions for the 6th edition of the DC Web Fest.

-Diana Eaton, DC Web Fest Team

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