Got Content?


Kind of like sports, there is a world cup for web series, created by the one and only Joël Bassaget. The whole idea is to provide web fest creators with a platform for healthy competition- may the dopest content win! The process includes collecting the results from the best webfests around the world and publishing a table of the most awarded web series of the year to provide the audience with an up-to-date listing of the best content. Created in 2015, the series has evolved to become apart of Cannes MIPTV to showcase its top ten web series. All roads lead to Cannes!

This is an awesome indie movement and we, the DC Web Fest, are honored to be apart of it. Though the world cup is ultimately a competition, it’s a win-win situation. Regardless of WHICH web series wins, we all win ultimately as we unite as a global community to maintain the indie spirit. What do we want? What is the goal? TO KEEP THE PENS WRITING AND CAMERAS ROLLING ON INDIE CONTENT! We’ve gotta’ keep this awesome thing going.

Got content? We want it! Who knows, maybe you’ll just end up at Cannes one of these days.

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