From DC to LA



Hey! This is  Diana with the DC Web Fest team. Don’t know about you, but it is pouring over here in DC. The air is cool and the sky is grey. Some sun would be nice, but God had other plans for today’s weather…oh well.

Anyways, I’m just sitting here reflecting on my wonderful time in Los Angeles last week. Long story short, I’m in the graduate film program at American University. One of my professors encouraged me to submit an academic paper to a professional conference, so I did. Didn’t really think my paper would get accepted, but it did! So I got to fly out to Cali (for the very first time), ALL EXPENSES PAID- so awesome. I boarded the plane in cloudy, humid, hot Maryland and got off the plane in sunny LA. The weather was around a comfortable 75 degrees with a nice breeze. Tall palm trees surrounded me and the mountains towered over the city in the background. Never seen anything quite like it.

I made so many awesome connections at the conference, from professors to screenwriters. It was a great opportunity to not only share my work, but to also intake and learn from the work of others. I’ve never presented at a professional conference before, so of course I was NERVOUS! But there were nothing but positive vibes. Can’t wait to add this one to my resume :)

I was in LA a total of 6 days but it went by absolutely too fast! Each day I found myself taking time to just gaze at the sky, the mountains, the palm trees, you know, all the awesome things that make LA what it is. My only regret is not having time to explore various areas such as the Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Beach, etc. But it’s all good! I WILL BE BACK! The trip was  a major breath of fresh air and a clear indication that a new beginning is on the horizon.

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