Game Review: Mini Metro


My commute has become significantly more tolerable, all thanks to the morning commute simulator that is Mini Metro. The game from the New Zealand based game designer Dinosaur Polo Club, is a simple game where the player acts as somewhat of a city planner, whose job it is to build a working metro rail system. Just like on the real metro, you lose when a station gets too filled up and no train arrives. Mini Metro is surprisingly challenging as it throws more things at you as time progresses, such as new stations that need to be connected, new cargo which needs to be transported to new locations and it even has daily challenges. Mini Metro on the Metro is a great way to make yourself worry less about the train that is taking forever to arrive, and care more about the virtual train that is taking forever to arrive. The game is a lot of fun and it isn’t uncommon to find yourself playing even far after the commute has ended.

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