Funny moments at Die Seriale


Ok, so it’s Friday and we are all ready to GHOST out of work, nap, then hit the streets for Friday night festivities but FIRST, let me tell you this little funny sausage story Otessa shared from her time in Germany for the Die Seriale web fest. So we, Americans, love sausages. Well, at least most of us. Now, what’s the best part of sausage? It’s a no brainer! The best part is how the skin crisps upon spending extra time on the grill or in the oven. Well…guess what. In Germany, one is ridiculed for eating the skin on the sausage! That is a no no (sad face). So, one of the lovely restaurant workers attempted to give everyone a tutorial on the proper way to peel the skin from the sausage and eat it. As you can imagine, minds descended to the gutter and sexual jokes ascended. My heart goes out to the girl who was just trying to teach us silly Americans how to eat a sausage!

Oh! and one more thing! You better not put mustard on a sausage in Germany…mustard goes on pretzels! Otessa said folks were just baffled when she stated she puts mustard on pretzels and not on sausages. Believe it or not, some folks who were there from the UK have NEVER even seen a pretzel before. Otessa was actually asked to demonstrate how one should eat a pretzel LOL. Check the photos below! Ok, I’m done typing, I’m out!



Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 4.10.53 PM


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