Web Series Review: Avalon Now


When hearing about a web series put out by an Australian real estate company, you might be skeptical at first about the quality of the show, but what we have is one of the funniest web series of last year. The series follows the lives of trendy and progressive people, living in the sunny Australian beach town of Avalon, where everyone wears striped shirts and drives a Prius. The concept has been done before, with shows like Portlandia, but this time it comes with a fresh Aussie take. Avalon Now details the struggles of a couple trying to plan a perfect party, and the chaos that ensues from their need to be picture perfect for their Facebook and Instagram feeds. The series is done very professionally, from the acting to the writing, the camera work, and everything in-between, every aspect is clean and polished. The show is made what it is by the quirky side characters and the problems they cause for the party planners, the wine shop owner being my absolute favorite. While you may dislike the main characters due to their over-the-top obsessiveness with what’s trendy, you still get to know them and their families very well within the first few episodes, and for some reason, they will win over your heart with their lovable humor and charm.


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