Chasing The Clouds Away


Today is the calendar end  of summer’s flora and the fauna glory. Here, in the district we trade in the humidity for crisp air that quickly transitions into threats of polar vortex’. So before the cold creeps in, here are a few things to do before your shutter in.

Kayak in Georgetown

Or paddle board. Or take a twilight tour. Because who doesn’t want to do a soft reenactment of Meryl Streep in ‘The River Wild‘.

Union Market Drive In

Make America Great Again. Yea, sure. The only vestige of the forlorn time that I’d like to see make a comeback is the drive-in movie theater. Lucky for those of us in the District, Union Market will be showing its last film of its annual summer series on October 7th, Ghostbusters.


Milk s h a k e

Grab a vegan milkshake. Not exactly guilt free, but a healthier alternative to the cold creamy beverages that usher in thoughts of  diners and iconic movie scenes. Top of mind: Three Twisted Vegans on Georgia Ave and Hip City Veg in Chinatown.


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