Lake Shore Drive| SB


My summer life has been marked by lengthy commutes. The T in WMATA now stands for Track Maintenance. And with each minute sucked away by underground travel, I’ve become more acquainted with books and the formidable sounds of Chicago’s creative class. I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with music and the devices that usher in the sounds that fuel my day. During those thoughts, I’ve calculated that I haven’t walked down a street solo without earbuds stuffed in my ears since at least 2004.  Before my eighth grade year, I begged my parents for an iPod. Prior to the click wheel, the  JVC anti-skip portable CD player served as a capable arm and shield from my Dad’s nagging and my sister’s hassling.  Cue Brandy’s Afrodisiac and Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. Back to Chicago.

 In April, when Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book emerged I hadn’t realized that he’d introduce me to the artists that would lace the soundtrack to my summer, but he did. Chance’s frequent collaborators are politically astute, #blackgirlmagic, vibey and most importantly, talented.  Now, those minutes stuffed in a sardine can of a rail car are a little more bearable. Listen to why:

Jamila Woods//  ”E m e r a l d  S t r e e t”

Noname// “D i d d y  B o p”

Chance The Rapper // “F i n i s h  L i n e”

Saba // “G P S”

Vic Mensa // “D r i v e  M e  C r a z y”

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