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The Good Wife is over. 7 years, 156 episodes, umpteen affairs, and countless wigs.

The Good Wife started airing on Middle America’s favorite network during a personal low. My attached-at-the-hip college best friend did not watch or own a television, in fact she was one of THOSE people who looked down on the pastime. A very dark time, indeed.

I lost my television diet in the years we were closest and regained it in 2013 when I finally decided to commit to The Good Wife, in ways Peter Florrick never could. The series followed (past tense ugh) Alicia Florrick, a mother and wife to Peter Florrick, a corrupt State’s Attorney for Cook County. His imprisonment stemming from corruption charges thrusts her into the workforce and ultimately a competitive law firm where Alicia rises to name partner.

The Good Wife shirked black or white storytelling and the writer’s room rarely drafted a right or wrong side for Alicia to stand on. Nuance was this story’s greatest attribute and if you ask some finale viewers, its most frustrating weakness. The Good Wife upended the case of the week formula that audiences have grown accustomed to with well-crafted takes on current issues like NSA surveillance, gay rights in conflict with religious freedom and so on. This wasn’t a show that could play in the background as the salmon seared, this was a show to be engaged in.


Things I’ll miss about The Good Wife:

 The Will They or Won’t They
The Good Wife team never shied away from having a straight-backed suitor for Alicia Florrick to make eyes with. But, where The Good Wife thrived was in its efforts to have Mrs. Florrick experience an intentional and fervent love despite motherhood, her position in Chicago and in full view of her philandering husband.

 The Guest Stars
Oliver Platt. Taye Diggs. Mamie Gummer. Vanessa Williams. Anika Noni Rose. Valerie Jarrett, the dad from Wonder Years. The Good Wife made expert use of its guest stars. Save the misplaced celebrity walkthroughs, each guest player pushed the story forward.

The Opening Credits
The Good Wife crafters often let an entire scene unfold before the title card appeared and that device left my head spinning.

Diane Lockhart  & Kirk McVeigh
Women of a certain age aren’t allowed love, especially an outwardly passionate love in film and television.  The pair married in season 5 and the thrill of watching two very sharp, secure characters support and challenge each other was something to behold.


Alicia Florrick
Brought to life by Juliana Margulies, Alicia Florrick proved delightfully inscrutable in her hands. Alicia Florrick was the female answer to every cable television anti –hero audiences have had to root for or suffer through. In a single episode she could exercise ambition, be unflappable, sensual, and competent. She was king.

The BEST Episode.

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