Web Series Review: The Tommy Edison Experience


It’s probably really hard being blind. There are just so many things for which one ordinarily uses their eyeballs: reading books, avoiding walls, playing Candycrush, watching web series, etc. We take being sighted individuals totally for granted, not even bothering to think about those less fortunate and when we do, it’s often out of pity. Tommy Edison doesn’t want your pity, in fact he would probably prefer a chuckle.

The Tommy Edison Experience is an informational reality web series that follows the truly delightful titular character as he experiences the some of the activities that visually unimpaired types find mundane. This includes playing basketball and making yourself useful in the kitchen. Tommy also answers some of the questions that we all want to ask, like how do you use your smart phone? Or, how do blind people dream? And, of course, can you draw a picture of a cat?

So that isn’t a trailer and this is a different sort of show than the others I have reviewed, thus my usual “nifty breakdown” would not make sense in analyzing this show, so I’m gonna wing it, sans bullet points.

This show would simply be a set of mildly interesting vlog posts if it weren’t for the marvelous charisma of Tommy Edison. For starters he is blind, and let’s be honest, no one but a blind person could answer our questions about what it is like to be blind. In addition to his, shall we say, experience with blindness, Tommy has an absolutely dynamite sense of humor. There is something so refreshing about having a host that is always ready to laugh; it makes me as an audience member feel at ease. Most importantly, the show is a great place for people to ask questions that might seem insensitive in other scenarios, and receive answers that genuinely help sighted folks to relate with a life without eyes.

The editing in this show is also of note. Whenever Tommy is describing his sensations, we get some great cut away images that really capture what he smells/feels/hears for our eyes to interpret. The actual camera work is simplistic, never really moving or anything, but that doesn’t get in the way of informing and entertaining the audience.

All of his videos are on the shorter so it’s easy to watch a whole bunch back to back. If you’re interested in the life of the visually impaired and you like to laugh, do yourself a favor and check out the Youtube channel, TommyEdisonXP.

If you want to see Tommy learning how to be a quick draw gun fighter, check out the show on Amazon or Hulu.

-C.J. Fite

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