Web Series Review: OMG! For Pete’s Sake


OMG! For Pete's Sake

That generational divide that everyone talks about, is it really that serious? Us millennial types aren’t that different from Generation X, are we? As a general rule the internet plays a pretty significant role in the lives of GenX-ers and Millennials alike, what with social media and all, and the technical advancements of the last 20 years have really helped to break down the age barriers that once stood in the way. I guess the internet really does bring people together, people like Brett and Claire.

Brett is about to turn 40, this means he is middle-aged. Claire is 22, fresh out of college and excited about entering adulthood proper. Tinder has brought these two together. This couldn’t possibly be weird could it?

Ok, OMG! For Pete’s Sake is not as witty as Croissant Man or as vast as AIRLOCK, but it is probably more relevant than either. Here are my thoughts:

  • Acting: All of the actors seem like they are having fun. Not all that much is asked of them, but when the scene requires an extra special touch for laughs, you bet they can deliver.
  • Plot: While very simple, the show does provide a pretty entertaining situation with each new episode, helped along, of course, by very natural dialogue.
  • Production Value: The sound is not always consistent, though the camerawork and editing are on point The single set episodes are so cleanly done.

All in all, the best offering this show brings to the table of web entertainment is a lighthearted and relevant glance at the strange but sincere relationships of the internet age.

The show has recently finished its first season and I think season two is on its way. Check it out, you’re sure to find a few laughs along the way.

-C.J. Fite