Web Series Review: Night School


Night School: The Web SeriesSynopsis:
The world is peppered with smart and powerful people. Sometimes they make themselves known to the world through their big personalities and notable deeds; they tell the stories of their rise from poverty, winning the hearts of the masses. But as often as not the powerful sit discreetly in the background and quietly dictate the future; theirs is not a tale of rags to riches. The world has always been at their fingertips, and starting as early as grade school they learned how to flex the muscles of influence.

Night School: The Web Series is based on the internationally enjoyed book series of the same name. Author C.J. Daugherty, penned a story that tells of Allie, a young delinquent sent off to a boarding school after once again getting in the sort of trouble that embarrasses her parents. At the school she finds friends, “friends,” and obscenely rich boys. Intriguing, no?

“Pray tell, my good man, why do I feel compelled to learn more about the hidden mysteries of the lives of wealthy young whippersnappers?” asked the eager reader.

For two rather simple reasons: first, it’s a trailer and that is what trailers are intended to do; second, because we all have a desire to glimpse the way the high and mighty live. (It’s worth noting that what follows is a commentary on the show alone and has nothing to do with the books.)

And now… “what follows”:

  • Acting: The acting is all top notch and when the characters are appropriately fleshed out the actors are more than capable of filling the role.
  • Plot: So, the grand plot as it’s described in the books is nothing at which to scoff and in conjunction with the books this show probably has more significance. Unfortunately, folks who have neglected to read the novels (e.g. your charming reviewer *sheepish grin*) may be lost as to how each episode connects to the others.
  • Production Value: Each episode is well-shot, well-lit, and well-recorded. The sets are especially special and really help to draw audience members right into the scene.

While it may be hard to understand the story from the web series alone, episodes like Power stand well as independent short films. Night School will make you curious about reading the books to better understand the dealings of profligate wastrels, and that is a good thing.

To watch Ms. Daugherty’s show, go here. To learn more about the books and even watch trailers for them, go here. To learn what a wastrel is, go here.

- C.J. Fite