Web Series Review: Croissant Man


Croissant Man Web Series

In the world of Croissant Man an ever widening divide between the snooty upper crust and the rest of the population has led to…tension. It is here we find our hero distraught and disenfranchised with the opulent bourgeois life he leads. But what can he do? Perhaps therapy will help, or maybe it’s just best to wallow in his vices. Without direction our hero is lost and confused, even the solace he used to find in his favorite cheesy TV drama is lost in a fog of dismay. He has no “fillings”. Life is meaningless! But Lo, what is this? This vision, this inspiration…who is she? She brings hope and meaning, she inspires our hero to take a stand for the innocent, to fight for the rights of the oppressed…

Sounds like you’re in for a thought provoking Marxian study of class struggle as a backdrop for our hero’s unsettling existential crisis, no? Oh yeah I almost forgot: the “hero” is a croissant with a mustache and the world he lives in is entirely populated by baked goods. Enjoy the trailer!

If you just watched that and have already added the show to your “must watch web series list,” then your training is complete. I release you to watch the whole show here. Too-da-loo!

If, however, you have not followed the above link: Shame on you! Keep reading and allow me to show you the error of your ways through this nifty breakdown:

  • Acting: Both the voice acting and the “animation” are imperfect, but I really think that is the point. It really wouldn’t be as funny if everything moved smoothly. And despite the limitations of the immobile puppets the emotions and expressions were never in question.
  • Plot: There are so many interesting side characters, and while the main story unfolds there are numerous secondary plots that are just clever, and chuckle-worthy. And writing is impeccable, even after only one episode you will be convinced of that.
  • Production Value: Perhaps the most significant contribution this show makes to web series as a whole is the jaw dropping set design. And the creativity of cinematography on such a small scale is definitely commendable.

This show, at least in my humble and sort of quirky opinion, is absolutely hilarious in all of the right ways. The inherent comedy of the puppet’s movement, the unabashed use of childish puns in the middle of adult situations, the gorgeously intricate sets, and the overbearing melodrama all add up to a truly delightful show that is simultaneously laughable and praiseworthy. It’s so simple in appearance, but still manages to be mind boggling. How did they pull that off? I mean seriously, this show is a feat of which the creators ought to be proud.

Now it is time for you to do the right thing. Watch Croissant Man.

-C.J. Fite

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