Intern Spotlight: Bringing Fanny Packs Back| Elsie


Back when my parents were celebrating their youth in the 70s and 80s, loose ripped jeans, oversized denim jackets and Adidas superstars were all the rage. Since then, styles have changed dramatically.

I sometimes find myself thinking back on old styles from my parent’s youth.  And when I hear stories of the fashion trends featuring bright leotards, leopard prints, fanny packs and more, I can’t help but wonder, if the styles from our parents youth are returning in 2016.0115prettyinpink01I wear my parent’s teenage clothing and wonder what their lives were like at my age.Wearing my dad’s jean jacket transports me to New York City in the 80s  and his subway ride home aboard the graffiti coated subways. Wearing my mom’s turtleneck takes me back to winters in Minnesota, where she grew up. I imagine her sitting in a turtleneck by the fire with her friends, something I also do today. These things make me feel more connected with them, as if in a way I am a present day version of their fashion tastes.1082133182I walk through Urban Outfitters to find a new outfit, and see stacks of tube tops, mini skirts and ripped boyfriend jeans. I like this renaissance, it connects us to our parents generation in a way. It also allows them to understand us more and helps them reflect on their teenage years. My friends and I are all starting to take on this retro, indie, urban style my parents like to call, a style from their youth.

Although this is not the entirety of my style, it is definitely a large portion. Nevertheless, these styles from the 70s, 80s, 90s are coming back and it is cool to witness its rebirth. It is crazy to see what sticks in fashion and it’s even more interesting to think about how much more it will change with time.


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