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I’m in the car, a radio hit from my childhood begins to play. I smirk as the warmth and familiarity of Brownstone’s “If You Love Me” washes over me. A vocal tainted by auto-tune interrupts. That hit has been sampled by newcomer Tory Lanez for present day consumption.  It’s jarring at first, but I also want more of it.

Brownstone “If You Love Me”

Tory Lanez “Say It”

I have an affinity for nineties-era music. That’s not far fetched, that’s the decade that shaped my tastes, musical and otherwise.  It’s a new experience for me to watch the resurrection of a song from a cassette jammed into a Walkman to a cloud on an iPhone, after having witnessed the full life of the original.  Each generation shares this experience, the pendulum has now swung to the kids of the nineties.

I made no complaints as Kanye crafted a career off of sampling seventies soul music, which annoyed my father to no end. So, I’m choosing to embrace the artists who sample and in turn honor the music I hold dear. Here are a few examples of nineties samples done well.

Ciara “Body Party” (sampled Ghost Town DJ’s “My Boo)

Goldlink “Spectrum” (sampled Missy Elliott “She’s a Bitch”)

Azealia Banks “Esta Noche” (sampled Montell Jordan’s “Get It On Tonite”)

Kendrick Lamer “Poetic Justice” (sampled Janet Jackson’s “Anytime Anyplace”)

Tink- Million (sampled Aaliyah’s “One In A Million”)

There’s a collective sigh of relief when a beloved song is handled well in sampling. When a jam from the past shepherds the jam of the day, the current artist garners respect, the former artist gets paid and the audience can vibe along. As long as the  integrity of the original music and artistry is kept in tact, I’m down for a nineties hit to have the life of Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out.

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