What You Missed In Web-world | MJ


Without further ado, here are some web series you might have missed last year.

Yidlife Crisis is the first web series I fell in love with last year. The Canadian comedy series follows two friends as they navigate their lives as modern Jewish men, commenting on culture in Yiddish, French, and English. Don’t show this series to your grandma, oy vey.
Quality sci-fi can be hard to come by in web series land, with restraints on budget and scale. Anamnesis, however, overcomes both of those potential roadblocks. With a solid cast and script and hauntingly beautiful imagery, Anamnesis is definitely one to watch.

The Impossibilities is a charming exploration into a connection between the unlikeliest of friends: a melancholic magician and a ditzy yoga instructor. The series has adorable realistic chemistry between its players, and appeals universally to the desire to be wanted.

Tales From Tinder is a Melbourne-based series that takes true Tinder experiences and enacts them through the art of puppetry. Listening to accounts of online dating experiences is funny enough. Those same accounts reenacted by puppets is icing on the cake.

Shugs & Fats is a the comedic brainchild of Nadia Manzoor and Radhika Vaz, a hilarious series of skits involving semi-competent duo Shugs and Fats. With the womens’ impressive comic timing and chemistry it’s no wonder that the series won a Gotham Award last year.


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