Happy Birthday Lizzie! | SB


I was a pudgy 5th grader obsessed with Moesha and Candies sneakers, when Lizzie McGuire premiered in January of 2001. Lizzie McGuire was the young grounded voice my friends and I needed at that stage in our adolescence.

At the time we were transitioning from our sheltered private elementary school experiences to the wide halls of a public middle school littered with pimply-faced kids with grubby vocabularies.

Throughout middle school, Lizzie, my friends and I mined through unrequited puppy love, frenemies, rambunctious younger siblings and nightmare teachers. In just sixty-five episodes, Lizzie became our style guru and guide on how to face adversity with pep in our step. Save for the saccharine peculiarities that exist within a ‘mouse ears’ show, Lizzie was an apt companion in those days.

So, Happy 15th Birthday, Lizzie McGuire!

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