Yet Another Year End List


It’s the end of the year. Nearly every media outlet has published or will publish an end of year list to remind you of all the films, music, and books you didn’t have time to ingest this year. You have list fatigue. I am not here to help. Here are my 5 favorite things from 2015.

I found this show by accident.  While reading a Vulture television critic’s Twitter feed, she loved the series so much she wanted to cry.  I binged the criminally short first season (6 episodes) and it deserved the praise.  It’s a bare-faced portrayal of romantic love that still somehow manages to be sweet and riotously funny.

A hip-hop musical about one of America’s Founding Fathers. This musical is both a tribute to Alexander Hamilton and to hip-hop. It honors the oft-forgotten man and the maligned genre incredibly well.

Ego Death The Internet
These kids are a part of the collective of artists (Odd Future)that brought us Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean (it’s July 181st). The tunes served on their sophomore effort improve on the tone set by their peers.  This album is incredibly vibey and deserves a complete listen.

Podcast listening nearly eclipsed my music listening this year, these podcasts are the culprits:
Women of the Hour (for the feminists!)
Intersection (thoughtful conversations on identity!)
You Must Remember This (stories about the Hollywood’s first century!)
Dear Sugar (heartfelt advice!)
Another Round  (all of my descriptors fall short…its everything!)

Charming Talented Blockbuster-Starring Hunks

Oscar Isaac, Michael B. Jordan & Adam Driver

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