Battle of The Binge| Shay B.


Confession: I’m intimidated by queues. Yea, there’s the traditional queues like the snaky one at the Chinatown Walgreens, or the one that decorates the exterior of a new restaurant with fare so good that my friends have added “totes” to the assertion that I try it. I’ll save those everyday atrocities for a later date. The queue that offers the most looming threat is tucked away in the dark and stormy cloud of Netflix. And Hulu. And HBO GO. And Amazon Prime Video. And oh, please don’t hip me to another streaming service.

Without romanticizing the jam-packed days that litter my life, let’s just say I don’t have the time. That should be simple enough. I don’t have enough time, therefore I do not watch and I should not worry. I don’t do simple. Nope. I love film. I love television. The casts of characters, the worlds produced, the showrunners, and even the wigs (I’m looking at you Juliana Margulies). Plus, each story offers a welcome and sometimes necessary jaunt into an alternate world. Still, I’m here with growing queues and too few eyeballs to enjoy them before the conversation shifts to something funnier, grittier or whatever-ier.

If I wasn’t so plugged in I may have missed one of the most beautifully frank series I’ve laid my eyes on in Catastrophe, the stunning cinematography of Beasts of No Nation or missed the opportunity to venture back to the visionary work of Errol Morris’ Thin Blue Line.


I have to know why Gina Rodriguez (Jane The Virgin) won the Golden Globe last winter.

I have to understand the 99% Rotten Tomatoes rating on Rosemary’s Baby.

What’s this I hear about a color theory on Breaking Bad?

I need to be visually informed before I read the umpteenth think piece about Aziz Ansari’s Master of None. (Also, will I still I cherish Ansari when he’s stripped of the baller on a budget characterization of Tom Haverford?)

Oh, and I have to get through all those “best of” lists, like 100 Best Streaming Right Now, The best movies a Hulu Plus subscription can buy and on and on.

I probably won’t get to it all, which is both frustrating and inspiring. Frustrating because I won’t quite understand the hype when Game of Thrones turns twenty. Inspired, because there’s always going to be good stuff out there.

I’m learning to pace myself, like I do outside the restaurant or waiting around at Walgreens. There is no rush. I’ll get to a lot of it. Or I could give up and read a book.

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