Picture It … Brooklyn, 1995 | Nina H.


 They say “history repeats itself”, not sure who “they” are, but they are right.  We see this in all aspects of culture in today’s society. Whether it’s the bringing back of Polaroid cameras, the new obsession with the VHS camcorder app, or even the choker necklaces and rainbow colored hair, the 90’s have made its return.

 The 90’s was where fashion was timeless, the music was legendary and the television series and movies were original.  Despite the evolution of fashion, music and movies, I am constantly on the hunt for vintage Gucci from that time, purchasing all of my favorite albums from that era on iTunes, and have a biased opinion of the new “Jurassic Park”. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t see something that is reflective of that era in our present day culture.

 Just last week, I sat at a lounge in Brooklyn and the vibe gave me 1995 old school house party.  Despite being 6 in 95’, I’ve studied the music, film and fashion to a point where I have an understanding of what the culture felt like during that time. Ironically the topic about how much they missed that era of music came up, as New York  is known for their legendary Hip Hop , Reggae and Soca.  The live band took the hint and we danced all night to the music of that era including everyone’s favorite Chaka Demus and Pliers’s “Murder She Wrote.”

 Although history repeats itself, the 90’s seemed to be an era that everyone loved, enjoys reminiscing about and continues to reference.  I don’t think the question is will we ever escape the 90’s, the real question is do we want to?

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