Attack of the Falling Acorns – Carmen S.


When people talk about Autumn and the things they love about it, dodging falling acorns is usually not on the list. Oh sure, I love wearing hoodies and football games and the scenery and the Pumpkin Spice Life, but there’s something about falling acorns that really does it for me.

See, people who aren’t from Washington DC think it’s so awesome that we live here, some even going so far to say, “WHOA, you actually live IN DC??” We’re placed on a pedestal for some reason, so when I get the awed, wide eyed stares and relentless questions about life in DC, I’m often confused because this is home… and while home is comfortable and nice, home is boring! But then, in comes Autumn…

Along with the delicious chill in the air and the beautiful changing colors, it’s the acorns that make our tree-lined streets of DC just a touch more exciting. Ever pretend that your living room floor was lava so you jumped from couch to chair to couch as a kid? Well, I’m no kid, but I pretend that acorns are crazy falling bombs that I have to dodge!! I hear one hit the ground behind me and I breathe a sigh of relief knowing I’ve just survived, but then I tell myself that I have to get through the falling mine-field ahead! I hear one crashing through the leaves and I take a crazy diving leap back just in time as the sidewalk explodes in front of me. When the dust clears and I continue on my way, I smile and think, “You know, this place is pretty awesome.”

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