The Fourth of July


Hey guys, my name is John Ghadar. I hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July! Not everyone takes the Fourth of July as seriously as others. Some people just go out for some drinks, others stay home and watch fireworks with their friends and family, then there’s those people that goes absolutely crazy for the 24 hour period that is the Fourth of July.  If you ask me a good Fourth gets you mixed up with all of them.

I started my night around 8 pm with my friend Maddy. We went to Velvet which is a dive bar on U street where one of our friends works.  Once we got there we each had a beer and went onto the roof to set off some fireworks. Maddy got roman candles and I had a firework called a “Laser Dragon” needless to say we were excited to use them. We set them all off and people at Nellie’s, a bar across the street, started cheering at us and we cheered back. Then a lady from the bar next door came onto her roof and told us to stop, luckily we used all our fireworks right before she came up so we were happy to go back inside to the air conditioning.

After we hung out for a little longer we met up with my best friend Marcus. Remember before when I was talking about those people who go crazy for the 4th? Marcus is definitely one of those people. Everything he wore had the USA flag on it I’m talking shirt, pants, sunglasses, backpack, bandana, everything. You could’ve seen him coming from a mile away if you didn’t hear him singing the national anthem first. We went to a party in DuPont Circle where my sister and some of our other friends were so we could all spend the last hour of the Fourth together. The party was on the roof of an apartment building so we could see people setting off fireworks in every direction. At around 2 am some of us headed back to my house to go to sleep, all in all I got to spend my night with some of my best friends so I couldn’t have asked for a better Fourth of July!

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