July 4th | Alex Siegman


Hi y’all! As I’m sure you know, sometimes circumstances just aren’t conducive to patriotic celebration. This year I headed back to my home in Florida to celebrate the holiday with my dad.

Unfortunately, my dad was in the hospital for most of the weekend (he’s fine, he works there!) and the rest of my family was abroad doin’ their own thing (summer camp, backpacking trips, etc.) To make matters even more interesting, the night of the 4th brought severe thunderstorms!

So I’m here to give y’all some tips about how you can celebrate 4th of July on your own in any circumstance!

1)   Chinese food is always a great option if you’re stuck without food on any national holiday.

2)   Let’s face it, Xbox can only entertain you for so long, but fear not! You can never underestimate the power of a jigsaw puzzle – they are fun, challenging, and a great time-killer.

3)   If the weather isn’t conducive, you can usually find a television station that is broadcasting fireworks from a major city such as New York or Los Angeles.

4)   Shark Week, the Discovery Channel’s annual event, often begins on July 5th, but there are some great lead-up shows on the night of the 4th!

5)   There’s no better time to cuddle up with your pet during a fireworks show – pet’s hate the noise, but love your company!

Never forget to have fun and be safe on the 4th of July! Go America!

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