“From Child to Man, How the WWE Changed My Life” Written by Jack Tobe


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From the WWE Website

If you’re a sports fan like myself, you know that there is a sort of sports lull after the Super Bowl. Yes, basketball and hockey are in the middle of their seasons, but most people don’t care until someone clinches a playoff berth. Once football is over, it’s just a waiting game for the playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!?!?) or for baseball’s opening day. Because crying myself to sleep every night had gotten tiresome, I looked deep into my heart and asked myself, “Is there another way? There must be something to bide my time until April except for porn and eating an unhealthy amount of Cocoa Krispies?”

I have found my answer. As of Sunday, February 22, I went from a soft, doughy Pillsbury Dough Boy to a hardened, crouton-y Cabbage Patch Man. That is because on that fateful night, I tuned into the WWE Network and I watched Fastlane, a pay-per-view event where grown men (and some women) in their underwear beat the living pulp out of each other, while also keeping up a storyline.

I have come to believe that the WWE is better than all sports. There is no other sport that I can think of that has carnage, monologues, RKO’s, feelings of loss and sadness, people in skintight latex onsies with face paint, you get the picture. No sport can even compare to the emotional roller coaster you get from watching a WWE event, whether it be the regularly programed Monday Night Raw and/or Thursday Night Smackdown or the special events such as the Royal Rumble, Fastlane, Wrestlemania, etc.

I wasn’t always like this, though. For a very long time, I was very similar to the majority of people who think that wrestling is “fake,” and it’s “just a bunch of actors who prance around doing dumb shit.” I was naive, but I have turned a corner. I agree with you, dear reader, that the WWE has a storyline that has been written and I also agree that not all the punches and kicks land. But I do not agree with it being 100% fake. The wrestlers do literal flips from the top rope and land on their feet. They jump and land on each other with all their force. They break bones and spirits, incite concussions and fear. It is an art form, really.


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