Cheap Cosplay Materials (And Where To Find Them)


By Morgan.

So, let’s say you’re interested in pursuing Cosplay. You’ve read the tips lovingly published by yours truly and you are ready to go! So, uh, now what? -Shrug-+I+legitimately+like+this+anime+it+s+not+perfect+but+_3092bb636fc2e7f3b4a44f4539c05fc3 Cosplay Hopefuls, for this blog post I will show you where and how to find the best materials you AND your wallet can agree on! This will cover just a few short tips on making your cosplay on a budget.


Fabric  There are lots of stores around the D.C. area that you can purchase fabric and clothing craftings. Here are some choices that might be of interest to you: Jo-Ann Fabrics, Exquisite Fabrics D.C., A.C Moore, Michael’s, G Street Fabrics. Below are just a few of the many, MANY types of materials you could use~


Snuggle Flannel Fabric in Black Gray Medallion:  $2.79/yard

pleather -red 8.99 pleather - black 8.99

Black/red pleather: $8.99/yard

cotton unbleached muslin  2.79

Roc-Lon Cotton Unbleached Muslin: $2.79/yard

Psst! Wanna learn how to make quick and easy fabric roses? Check out this Ribbon Rose Tutorial!!!


 Know When to Sew Find friends who can sew, or learn how to sew. This is an extremely handy skill to possess when you want to make your own costume clothes. Depending on your level of patience and how much time you have, you can choose whether to hand-sew your creation or use a sewing machine to get the job done. From dresses to cloth boots to  Attack on Titan Scout regiment uniforms, sewing can really set your custom mark on the pieces you put together. If you are new to the sewing biz and don’t have a friend or relative to sew for you, there are all kinds of simple sewing machines to try out. I bought my first sewing machine at Walmart. You can check it out here.

uryuu sewing

Sometimes there are things that you should just buy, like wigs or very specific costume parts (like a character’s signature necklace or trinket) But there are almost always ways to work your way around in order to make the most of your cosplay budget. These were just a few quick tips on where to find fabric, so maybe next time I’ll do something on another facet of DIY Cosplay :) Until then, let’s get arts and craftsy!

Or just become friends with this guy.

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