OJBGs 5 Favorite Things from 2014


By Steph

It is bitterly cold here in DC right now. With the holidays gone and our winter break vacations over (sadly) I took some time to remember some little things I discovered this year or were discovered for me by my friends and then given to me.

1. These awesome funny socks from BlueQ.com. They say things like You’re not the boss of me. And Cats. They give one percent to Doctors without Borders.They are colorful. And they make me laugh. Like my friend who gave them to me who is a blues singer and a hellraiser. Which is another type of socks they make.


2. Branddave. Caught his artwork at Dolcezza today and one of his prints made me lel even though no coffee yet. Even though it’s technically 2015, he makes the list because my blog. Can buy his prints there and eat a ham and cheese croissant and go into a pleasure coma.
3. Harney and Sons looseleaf Peppermint tea. It’s looseleaf and comes in pretty cannister. I make it in my hacked Keurig because otherwise looseleaf tea is too complicated. *Be careful opening the tin or you might look like #Miley with her salvia. Most peppermint tea gives me a stomachache because its too minty while I’m just trying to calm down. I got it from Kripalu. Kripalu is a place I went this summer with my friend. It’s a cool place to relax..hey wait, I just found a number 4.

HT Collection Banner 8-7-14 copy
4. Kripalu. If you want to reimagine college, take a break from your partner, or might be having a nervous breakdown over how awesome life was in 1994 and whether or not you’ll ever have that much fun again, take this trip to Stockbridge. You can share a way too small a room with a friend, you can eat in silence if you want (we couldn’t because we would have laughed) and you can not take yoga and sit outside on the green lawn and laugh and eat candy. You can also lie down in a dark room under a cuddly blanket and listen to a “guided meditation.” I might have fallen asleep but isn’t that reaching #Nirvana too?


5. All these wonderful web series made by and/or starring women. Broad City. The Actress the Series. Little Horribles. My Mad Fat Diary UK and of course OJBG that told me little bits about myself. Because it really is these things that make our lives great: tea, friends, laughter and art. Happy 2015! Can’t wait to see the new year has in store for all of us! xo OJBG

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