5 Ways to make it Cozy


#DC can be pretty cold at times. I mean we are south of the Mason Dixon line and it’s not unbearable but we like to keep it #cozy during the winter months so we don’t end up typing

all work and no play makes jane a dull girl

over and over

while we are trying to write new webisodes lel. Here is listicle of our top cheats to make your place #cozy this winter (in case you can’t afford to go to your own tropical island like a tech titan.)

1. Elliot Smith

Waltz #2 is perfect for reminiscing about that one in the #90s that might have gotten away. Having this playing at a barely perceptible level sets the mood for reflecting on the past year and what’s ahead. Walking in wind that makes your eyes water makes it necessary to listen to someone who knows the struggle is real. Here’s a playlist.

2. Fred Soll incense.

If  you don’t have a roaring fireplace in your apartment, this is the next best thing. Made in New Mexico, this incense is hand dipped and you can see the resin. Truly a work of art and I love that every time I order, they include a handwritten thank you on my invoice. Sage and cedar smells like a smoldering camp fire. Plus anything cedar is supposed to keep evil away. (These facts are things you  notice as a #Buffy fan.)

3. Essential Element Mahogany and Vetiver Soy Candle with 3 wicks.

The 3 wicks invoke the power of three (#Charmed). Besides that, the smell is subtle and enchanting and you can get it at CVS for around 10 bucks.

4. Teavana Maharaja Chai Oolong/Samurai Chai Mate Blend

Brewed coziness. Let the spicy cinnamon ginger smell warm you up and waft in the air. With candied bits of papaya included.

5. Grunge Gown

I love the OJBGish color Baird in this plaid. After a hot shower throw this on and melt into coziness. You’re totally covered. Hmmm, wonder if could I wear this out with leggings?

xoxo OJBG


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