YA Readers, today’s your lucky day!


By Kathleen.

Monday’s can be extra hard when it’s late fall/early winter, and the soggy fallen leaves stick to the bottom of your shoes as you trek through the dreary rainy day — but, fortunately, we have a gift to brighten your day! We’re currently hosting Kindle giveaways for the first two “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden” books. For a FREE ebook of The Prequel, click here, and find your free Season 2 script book here.

And, don’t forget, we’re also running a giveaway on Goodreads for the fancy Director’s Notebook. For a chance at being one of three lucky winters, enter here.

Commence happy dance :)

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.57.10 PM


  1. This is so frustrating for people who don’t have a Kindle!

  2. Hi, Matilda! Thanks for your interest. We’re continually hosting various types of giveaways (hint: currently we have a Goodreads’ giveaway for a hard copy of the Director’s Notebook: http://bit.ly/1wNxnpx), so definitely make sure to check back.

    Additionally, we’d be happy to send you a PDF of the book, but for that, you’ll have to provide us with your information. Please shoot us an email if you’re interested. Thanks!

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