90s Candy Nostalgia


By Kathleen.

Rarely does The 90s Life tweet something I find unrelatable because, as we all know, the 90s is hands down the best decade. In fact, one of their recent posts sent me on another trip down memory lane with its mentioning of Gushers as something that ticked us off in the 90s. At first, I thought The 90s Life had gone delusional.

How could Gushers, with their delicious bursts of sweet gel, tick anyone off?!?

But then I read the fine print… we were ticked off when moms stopped giving them to us for lunch after reading up on their sugar content. Apparently, my mom was ahead of the gang in this department because Gushers were always classified as candy in my household. So seeing their image again naturally got me to thinking about all the other 90s candy I miss; some of which made cameos in “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden”: Pop Rocks, Dots, Pez… the list goes on.

What 90s candy do you miss the most?

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