TVs=so passé


By Kathleen.

I don’t own a TV. While that may have come as a shocker a few years back, lately it seems like few millennials actually possess a tubular box. Part of me wishes this was because my generation refused to be entertained by voices emanating from a screen (re, Fahrenheit 451) , but let’s be honest, many of us are products of the digital age — and so most of us simply watch TV from a smaller screen: our laptops. Come 2015, HBO is making that process all the more easy for us with an exclusively video-streaming package. And with Netflix streaming Gilmore Girls and, in the very near future, Friends, what more could we want? (Also, going to put a plug in for all those cool web series, hint: OJBG.)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.33.12 PM

But, really, it’s okay to stay in & watch GG. They can be our homies, right?

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