Who here remembers Mr. Snicket?


By Kathleen.

It’s a world of “sorrowful stories,” three orphaned children, and an evil villain with crazy, inventive schemes to obtain their fortune. It’s not a world most would want to enter, but when I was growing up, I was engrossed by this world created by Lemony Snicket. (Does that name ring a bell for anyone?)

After finishing the 13 books inĀ The Series of Unfortunate Events, reading Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, and watching the movie adaptation, I thought I had explored every avenue of this world. But I was wrong, so very wrong.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.54.10 AM

No, Lemony Snicket nor Count Olaf did not pay me a visit (thank god), but I did have the chance to become Klaus when I played The Perilous Parlor board game. Though the game might be intriguing to classic board game lovers, fans of the series will particularly get a kick out of it. I played the game with two fellow fanatics, and the three of us thoroughly enjoyed reading all the deadly scenarios presented on the cards, which, by the way, are penned in a similar language as the books. Unfortunately, for us, the ending was quite unfortunate, as the Baudelaire children were unable to thwart the guardian from the evil clenches of Count Olaf. But perhaps they’ll have better luck next time…


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