Jewelry store ‘blooms’ in Dupont


By Kathleen.

On Friday, I made a potentially very dangerous decision  — at least for my wallet.

I decided to venture into the new jewelry boutique called Bloom, which opened on Connecticut Ave. in Dupont. Though a good portion of its items are too gaudy and ostentatious for me, the store does seem to find a nice balance with other more delicate and classic wares. Where the store is really going to kill me is in its wide selection of teal-colored items. I am ABSOLUTELY obsessed with the color and because I walk by the store each day to and from work, I’m sure this will probably result in a problem. I already couldn’t pass up a pair of tear-drop shaped, teal studs that I’m chalking up to a necessity considering I’ve worn them for the past three days straight (picture below).

photo (3)

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