We All Scream for Ice Cream


By Kathleen.

Whoever coined the phrase ‘scream for ice cream’ must have lived in the District. Yes, summer is hot nearly everywhere, but often when I leave my apartment, I feel like I’m walking into a steam room — and that’s coming from someone who spent formative playground years in Florida. Nonetheless, I’ve always remained a cookie person. I just never understood the appeal of trying to juggle the heaping scoop of melting ice cream on top of the narrow circumference provided by a cone.

Doesn't this look just soooo good?

I never mastered the art of eating ice cream like the person above…

But something must have changed. Perhaps I’ve been possessed by aliens or maybe it’s simply the DC heat, but lately I’ve been craving a frozen dessert ALL THE TIME. It started with a few tasty trips to Mr. Yogato (last time I checked they had coconut in stock, a.k.a. one of my favorite flavors!) and it’s been a slippery slope ever since. I’ve found myself venturing to the grocery store to make sure I always have something scrumptious in my freezer. Last night, when I realized I was out of my Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwiches, I went and purchased vanilla frozen yogurt, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The fact that it’s frozen yogurt makes it healthy, right?!

This morning, though, the Post shattered my attempts at the semblance of healthiness when it ran an article about three new ice cream shops in the area. With its delicious descriptions, I now feel obliged to determine if the flavors hold up to the words. The temptation is just too much; just call be an ice cream convert.


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