Think I’ll find some 90s throwbacks?


By Kathleen.

Rarely do I venture out to Maryland. It’s not that I have anything against the state, but when the District is chalk full of fun, interesting things to do, I find it difficult to remember to check what our neighbors have in store. This Sunday, however, I’m making it a point to try my very best to jump on the red line (track work, be damned) to Bethesda. Reason being, I’d like to go to the URBNmarket!

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.19.26 PM

As someone who was sad witnessing the closing of District Flea, I’m curious to see what this vintage & handmade market has in store. Most vintage/thrift/flea markets are hit or miss, but that’s often the best part about them. I enjoy hunting for some hidden treasures, and it never hurts to support local businesses. Maybe I’ll even find some items that look like they walked right off the set of “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden!” Here, in the #OJBG office, we can never say no to some good ol’ #90s throwbacks.

Anyone else thinking of attending?

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