Sneak Peek into the #Tapestry Trenches


By Kathleen.

We’re hard at work preparing another long-form Tapestry video, which the intern and I totally just bonded over, and we have our subject to thank: Frances Hardinge. Romeo, our intern, says it’s his favorite Tapestry video yet!

Equipped with a vivid, intelligent imagination, Frances has the crazy combination of being quirky, yet down to earth. This YA novelist, with an amazing British accent, has traveled the world, always looking for new opportunities to test her limits. She also hasn’t let her success (she’s been covered by such sources as NPR and The Guardian.) go to her head, as she’s incredibly humble, funny and accepting. While interviewing her, I felt like I was catching up with an old friend from across the pond.

Make sure to stay tuned for the release of the video, but in the meantime, here are some pictures to capture your attention.unnamed unnamed-1

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