Happy Birthday, Olsen Twins!


By Kathleen.

When I was little, my sister & I were obsessed with Atlantis, but I’m not talking about the lost island. Instead, we relentlessly tried to convince our parents to take us to the resort in the Bahamas because, duh!, we badly wanted to be Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.49.16 AMTheir quirky personalities, globe trotting adventures and sure fire luck with boys made us quite envious of their lives showcased in their movies & shows. But the Olsen twins gave my sister and me much more than entertainment (and jealously, ha) — they provided us with another opportunity to bond. Many of my fond childhood memories involve my sister and me rejoicing over the fact that “Full House” or “So Little Time” was on after school. When Blockbuster was still a thing (side note: I’m still incredibly sad it’s defunct.), we would spend the occasional Saturday holed up in our household with every Olsen movie in store and a ton of candy and popcorn. It was the ultimate movie marathon — and, yes, we even held a few nostalgic ones during our teens, which prompted my sister to tell the Blockbuster clerk we were babysitting. I, on the other hand, felt no shame in walking down memory lane because, let’s face it, part of me will forever wish I could be Ashley.

So happy 28th birthday to two of my favorite TV & DVD idols! & thanks for providing me with some pretty smiley childhood memories.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate, head over to Nylon Mag for some party ideas. Personally, I think I might just try to find as many movies as I can online. Sounds like a pretty solid Friday night plan, right?!

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