“And what are we, space mutants?”


By Kathleen.

Recently Her Campus posted a list of 5 Disney Channel Original Movie actors whose looks were totally tubular, and it got me to thinking about how much I miss not only the movies, but also the TV series. “Lizzie McGuire,” “Even Stevens” and “That’s So Raven” were classics in my day — but does anyone else remember “The Baby-Sitters Club?”


Though not a true Disney Channel Original, “The Baby-Sitters Club” was re-aired on Disney when my sister and I were quite young, and, boy, did we love them. Not only did we wish one of the club members could come over when our parents wanted a night out on the town, but (thanks to them) we were also excited for the time when we were old enough to try our hand at babysitting. In our household, it was a tragic moment when the show wrapped up, so thank goodness other wonderful ones followed.

For a walk down memory lane, here’s a clip from the show:

Jackie Rodowsky: She’s a girl! Girls are totally gross!
Mary Anne Spier: Gee, thanks!
Dawn Schaffer: And what are we, space mutants?
Jackie Rodowsky: You’re… you’re…
Kristy Thomas: Better make this good Jackie!
Jackie Rodowsky: You’re… you’re baby-sitters!

And, hey, if my girlhood meant I was a baby-sitter or a space mutant, the show made me A-Okay with either option; I just wanted to be a part of the club.

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