Welcome to the Sweet Life


By Kathleen.

… of Zack & Cody? Well, not quite, and thank heavens for that. I have no desire to live in a hotel.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 3.25.32 PM

Yet, I’m sure the first thought in most Washingtonians’ minds was not the Disney Channel original, but rather Sweetgreen’s sweetlife festival happening this Saturday. And I am SO PUMPED.

It may not be Bonnaroo, but at least it’s sparing me from feeling too much heartache whenever Bonnaroo sends me another email. I know the drill, Bonnaroo, good times will be had, even if you are allergic to the sun. (Sorry for the specificity, but I’ll spare ya the story & just leave the chuckles to my fellow festival goers from last year.)

Fortunately, though I’ve never been to sweetlife, I can already tell I’m in for a pretty sweet day. First off, all the food offerings look way too scrumptious… how will I ever choose what to eat?! This seriously could be a problem. Secondly, I hear there’s yoga and arts + crafts — two things I can definitely get behind. Thirdly, I’m a huge fan of Lana del Rey. And last, but not least, my sister is prepared to join in the excitement with me!

So who else is packing Merriweather tomorrow (ohh and wants to join me in an anti-rain dance?)??

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