The Oracle: Social Media Edition


By Kathleen.

The rapidity at which technology changes, new apps are developed & trends formed makes it difficult to forecast the future landscape of social media. Almost every day (or so it seems), a new study is published predicting what the future holds.

Though I recognize you must thus consider each new study with a grain of salt, I personally like what Tom Webster of Edison recently told VOCUS. In particular, I found his discussion on the public’s movement from consumption to creation rather interesting. According to Webster, relatively new apps, such as Instagram & Snapchat, have altered the way in which we behave online. Rather than simply consuming (which use to represent 80 percent of the public), people now have a propensity to become creators themselves. This bodes well for 20/20 Productions’ new app Tapestry, which is still in beta. Like Instagram, Tapestry is a “visual sharing tool” — but instead of sharing photos, Tapestry utilizes videos, capturing & archiving stories into narrative threads.

What do you think of this movement from consumer to creator? Do you think people will continue to engage with these so called “visual sharing tools?” And why do you think they’re so popular now? Share with us your thoughts & let’s get a digital conversation started!

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