Week Recap (cause I missed Wednesday)


By Kathleen.

This past Wednesday was a busy one at my mobile #OJBG office desk, and so I didn’t have time to write a Whimsical, Winsome post. But, never fear, I’m here today with the following ABCs.

a is for accomplished | I’m still totally an amateur cook, and so nothing beats the feeling after receiving rave reviews on a recipe I altered. This past weekend, I made Naturally Ella’s Carrot-Ginger Brown Rice, but I switched it up a bit. Instead of the brown rice, I used faro, which has a nuttier, earthier quality to it. I also added in some shaved parsnips because I’m practically obsessed with them.

b is for befitting | I absolutely adore this Topshop crop, and it’s totally befitting of spring.

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 3.36.57 PM

c is for ‘the City’ | Yeah, you know how above I wrote “mobile #OJBG office desk?” Well, that’s because on Tuesday my mom performed at Carnegie Hall with the Hershey Symphony. It was an amazing show, and I’m so blessed I was able to attend. I was supposed to head back to DC early Wednesday morning, but I somehow booked the ticket for the week prior. As a result, I got to stock up on Organic Avenue food, spend a few extra hours with my sister, and work in Central Park/an adorable, friendly cafe.

Sooo incredibly good. Next time, I want to buy one and blend up frozen pineapple into it.

Sooo incredibly good. Next time I buy this Coconut Mylk, I want to blend frozen pineapple into it.

Family shot after my mom's concert.

Family shot after my mom’s concert.

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