Pittsburgh Lovin’


By Kathleen.

As someone who spent formative high school years in Pa. & went on to attend college in the grand state, it sadly took me over 10 years to finally visit Pittsburgh. That all changed this past weekend, when I nearly fell in love with the city. Perhaps it was simply the company of my college roommates, but I had such a wonderful time.

The following are some highlights:

1. The Mattress Factory | If this place doesn’t evoke the inner child in you, I don’t know what will. One exhibit actually made me hallucinate shadows of people — and, side note for clarification, I was not under the influence of any substances.


2. Eden | I finished brunch by proclaiming I just ate the best omelet I’ve ever tasted, and the rest of my crew also reported stellar reviews.

3. Church Brew Works | I really wonder what the initial reception of this church turned into a bar was, but regardless, I really enjoyed my chocolate stout and brussel sprouts.


4. Duquense Incline | Super touristy, but the view is totally worth it.


5. Acacia | Always down to try a speakeasy, & though this one seemed heavy on the whisky (not a huge whisky fan), the waitress happily recommended a gin drink, which suited my palette much more.

What’s your favorite Pittsburgh stop?

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