Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition XV


logoBy Kathleen.

a is for aesthetic | Seriously considering asking for these pretty rad earrings for my birthday. The designer has my name after all… that’s enough of an excuse, right?Image_6_d4f43a85-4908-47b3-91bc-74fa01d11302_grande

b is for beat | For some reason, lately, I’ve had an oh so terrible time sleeping. Apparently, my brain can turn off, which has resulted in sleepless nights and an, overall, beat me.

c is for captivating | Ever since I visited my sister, I have been obsessed with candles and I’ve always been a book fanatic, so when I fond bibliophile-inspired candles, I just couldn’t resist. I purchased the Oscar Wilde library one from Paddywax.

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