Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition XIV


logoBy Kathleen.

WOW. It’s been more than awhile since I’ve posted; let’s blame it on the holiday season, and I vow to get back into the swing of things for 2014. Back to the ABC grind.

a is for amazing | As someone who was originally pro-NYC, almost each day I’m surprised by all the amazing activities DC has to offer. This weekend I’m particularly looking forward to attending SpeakeasyDC’s Top Shelf: The Best Stories of 2013. Boy, am I glad they’re putting on an encore performance!

b is for bliss | Color me an old lady, but my favorite Christmas present had to be the Brookstone Sound Therapy System my mom bought me. Not only are there four separate sleep options, but the system has settings for relaxing and rejuvenating, as well — aka, pure bliss.

One of the many wonderful settings.

Unwind: You don’t have to tell me twice. 

c is for cold |Word to the wise, don’t go running outside during the middle of a Polar Vortex. I was smart enough not to yesterday, but I caved this morning and have been paying the price ever since. Only an hour ago did my toes finally thaw and even now I’m still a wee bit cold, and I’m even wearing long underwear! [Yes, I did just admit to wearing obnoxious long underwear].

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