Whimsical, Winsome Wednesdays: Edition VIII


logoBy Kathleen.

This morning I spent some quality time collecting analytics and found out via Bitly that people in Canada are clicking on my Whimsical, Winsome Wednesday links, so, HELLO, Canadians! Thanks so much for reading!! And now for the ABCs.

a is for ashamed | So I’m totally ashamed to admit this — and honestly, I’m not quite sure why I even am saying anything — but I have lately been on a Gossip Girl Netflix binge. Ever since I instagramed this photo photo-13

with the caption “New frilly socks, courtesy of the District’s new Topshop. Kinda feel like Jenny Humphrey, circa before she went crazy,” I’ve been on a GG kick. Now, it’s slightly absurd to spend your time watching the addicting yet pointless show once, but to re-watch it all over again is insane. Somebody help me, please.

b is for brilliant | The first time I heard about Thirst D.C., I immediately thought it was such a brilliant idea for an organization or group — and since then, I have been itching to attend one of its events. And now I think I finally have the chance! When I first heard about thirst.ROMP! at AAAS’ new art exhibit, “Beauty and the Brain Revealed,” I knew it was an event I should attend with my lovely, brainiac psych friend. To quote her, we’re going to “find our people.”

c is for choice | Aside from Sundays, Wednesday mornings are my favorite because they’re when the Post’s food section comes to my doorstep. I’m not really sure why, perhaps it’s because I love to cook, but I absolutely love reading about food. So, when Tom Sietsema’s Fall Dining Guide was published a few weeks back, I ate it up. Last night, I had the chance  to dine at one of the choice restaurants he recommends: Oyamel. [LOOK below for photos] I was initially stunned by the decor, but the food didn’t disappoint either. The intriguing flavor combinations, fresh ingredients and tasty drinks made for a delightful meal. This experience, coupled with amazing food I had at Zaytina, makes me incredibly excited for the group’s planned opening of a Chinese-Peruvian fusion restaurant in 2014. And, yes, I learned this fact in today’s Washington Post!

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